So happy to meet you.

Hey there! My name is Emily March and I'm the girl behind The Small Narrative Photography, a portrait photography service through which I offer on-location, candid-style family and child, newborn and maternity, senior, and couples and engagement portrait sessions in and around Lehigh Valley, PA, and Warren County, NJ. I've been successfully conducting portrait sessions part-time for about four years and I feel ready to finally see this business take off. Now, allow me to tell you a little about myself because knowing each other is certainly an important part of establishing any kind of relationship, but especially a friendship.

I grew up in Washington, New Jersey, but now reside in the lovely town of Wilson, which is part of the greater Easton area. After graduating high school, I lived in Philly for a bit, doing a stint at the Art Institute as a fashion marketing major. Realizing that was so not the field for me, I took some time off and re-entered college after discovering my love of reading and writing. I attended Rutgers University and received my bachelor's degree in English literature. To be honest, writing is my #1 passion, with photography coming in at a close second.

I started taking photos when my grandfather gave me his old film camera as a teenager (circa 2007). My interest for it was on and off until I used a digital SLR camera for the first time in 2013. A year later, I bought my own and took pictures of everything and anything I was drawn to, from people to places to things to animals and beyond. I conducted my first paid family photoshoot in 2018 and aside from photographing people, I still take photos of just about everything using both a digital and film camera. Apart from a photography course I took in college, I have no formal training. Since 2014, I've just been learning and improving through books, online tutorials, engaging with other photographers, and lots of practice.

When I'm not taking and editing photos, you can find me writing, reading, listening to music, learning, philosophizing, immersing myself in new experiences of all kinds, traveling as often as possible, watching the tube, hanging out with family, saying no to meat and dairy, dreaming of van life, being a content coordinator for FlexJobs, and making designs for The Do Good Print Shop, my shop on Etsy through which I donate all profits to charitable organizations, mostly those working to protect animals and the environment.

Well, I think that's all! So happy to be here and meet you. :) If you want to know anything else about me, my work, or my services, please feel free to click one of the links at the top of my site or shoot me an email at

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