The Small Narrative (n.) - from "petit récit," the French term for "little narratives" coined by philosopher Jean François Lyotard in his book titled The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge (1979)



Hi! My name is Emily March and I'm a family and child portrait photographer based in Easton, PA. I first started dabbling in photography when my late grandfather gave me his old film camera as a teenager. Unfortunately, he passed away before it became the passion it is now, but I'm convinced my love for the art was passed down by him and for that reason, among others, I will cherish it for all time.


As a professional, I've been successfully conducting family and child portrait shoots for four years. I specialize in family and child, newborn and maternity, senior, and couples and engagement photography. For more information about my services, click the "Services & Pricing" link above.

Other fun facts: I'm working to become a published author of fiction, poetry, and other types of literature. I received a bachelor's degree in English literature from Rutgers University. I'm fully vegan and a strong advocate of defending the rights and lives of animals and protecting the environment. I sell photography and design prints through my shop on Etsy called The Do Good Print Shop, the profits of which are donated to charity. For more information, click the "TheDoGoodPrintShop" link above.

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